12V1A Adapter ABT120010 12V 1A Adapter
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            12V1A AC DC Adapter ABT010120 12V1A Adapter

            12V 1A AC/DC ADAPTER 12V 1000MA AC/DC ADAPTER
            12V 1A AC/DC ADAPTER 12V 1000MA AC/DC ADAPTER
            12V 1A AC DC adapter,UL,CEC,FCC,BSMI,CB,CE, LVD,TUV, C-TICK,PSE,3C.Typical model 12V 1A power transformer .devoted to this field for 20 years,more than 1200 employees.12v 1a AC DC adapter

            power12V 1A AC DC ADAPTER 12V 1000MA AC DC ADAPTER Parameter
            ● Model :ABT010120
            ● Output voltage :12V
            ● Output current :1A
            ● Input voitage range :100-240V AC
            ● Input voltage frequency :50-60Hz
            ● Variation Frequency :47~63Hz
            ● Size :① 56(L)*37.5(W)*24.5(H)mm ② 56(L)*37.5(W)*24.5(H)mm ③ 58.5(L)*25(W)*46.8mm
            ● Standby power dissipation :meet CoC V5,DoE Ⅵ
            ● Safety Certification :KC,RCM,CB,UL,TUV,CCC,BSMI,SAA,PSE,CE,FCC,C-TICK,NOM,cTUVus,GS,etc.
                    Meet all related safety standard,Ultra low no-load/standby power consumption,
                    meet CEC V,CEC,MEPS,ERP,CoC V5,DoE Ⅵ,ROHS,green power requirements.
                    with IEC62368,IEC61558,IEC60335,IEC60950,UL1310,UL62368 Standard.
            power12V 1A AC DC ADAPTER 12V 1000MA AC DC ADAPTER Product Reliability
            ● Ielectric Strength(Hi-pot) :Primary to Secondary: 3000Vac 10mA 60S
            ● Leakage Current :0.25mA max. at 240Vac / 50Hz input
            ● Protection :Over-voltage Protection, Over-current Protection,Short Circuit Protection
            ● ESD :Contact discharge performance is 4KV;Air discharge performance is 8KV
            ● Temperature Rise (Burn-In) : 85-95% Load For Each, 40 ± 5 ℃, 4 Hours.
            ● Insulation Resistance :100MΩ min. @ primary to secondary add a 500Vdc test voltage
            ● EMC : EN55014/24/32/35 & EN61000

            ● Wide input voltage range, in line with global standards.

            ● Dropping packed :1 Corner 3 edges 6surfaces 100cm
            ● MTBF: According to MIL-HDBK-217F Standard, Full Load, 25 ℃, More Than 50000 Hours

            ● Vibration :10 to 300Hz sweep at a constant acceleration of 1.0G(Breadth: 3.5mm) for 1Hour

                   for each of the perpendicular axes X, Y, Z

            power12V 1A AC DC ADAPTER 12V 1000MA AC DC ADAPTER Features and Advantages
            12V 1A 1000MA AC/DC ADAPTER,Ultra-safe Design, In Line With Safety Certification Of Different Countries
            12V 1A AC/DC ADAPTER,Highly Efficient Circuit Design, Stable Performance, Low Temperature
            12V 1A AC/DC ADAPTER,Well Designed, Lightweight Beautiful
            power12V 1A AC/DC ADAPTER 12V 1000MA AC/DC ADAPTER AC Plug


            AC DC Adapter AC DC Adapter
            Shell 2
            Shell 2
            AC DC Adapter AC DC Adapter
            Shell 2
            Shell 2
            AC DC Adapter AC DC Adapter
            Shell 3
            Shell 3


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