Industrial Power Supply 5V60A 12V26A
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            Industrial Power Supply 5V60 12V26A

            48V 8A Battery Charger 48V 8A Battery Charger

            power Parameter

            DC Voltage 5V 12V
            Rated Current 60A 26A
            Curent Range 0~50A 0~25A
            Rated Power 300W 300W
            Ripple And Noise (Maximum) *Remarks 2 100mV 120mv
            Efficiency (TYP) 82.3% 86%
            Voltage Adjustment Range 4.5V~5.6V 11.40V~12.60V
            Voltage Accuracy *Remarks 3 ±2.0%
            Adjustment Of The Rate Of Linear ±0.5%
            Load Regulation ±1.0% ±1.0%
            Boot Up, Rising, Hold Time 200ms,100ms,20ms
            AC Voltage Range 90~132VAC/180~264VAC(To choose by switch)
            Frequency Range 47~63HZ
            AC current 5A / 115VAC3A / 230VAC
            Surge Current (MAX) 50A/115VAC50A/230VAC
            Leakage Current <3.5MA/240VAC
            Over Load Rated Power Of 105%~135% Over Load Protection Activate
            Protected Type: Constant Current Limiting, Load Abnormal Conditions Can Be Removed Automatically After The Restoration Of
            Over Voltage 5.75V~6.75V
            Protected Type: Hiccup Mode, Can Be Restored After Removing The Abnormal Voltage
            Over Temperature RTH2≥110℃
            Protected Mode: Start The Cooling Fan For Heat Dissipation To The Power Supply To Ensure Power Supply In Harsh Environment To Work
            Operational Temperature -10℃~+50℃
            Operational Humidity 20~90% RH,No Condensation
            Storage Temperature -20℃~+85℃
            Storage Humidity 10~90%RH
            Temperature Coefficient ±0.03%℃(0~+50℃)
            Vibration Resistance By X, Y, Z Axis, 10 ~ 500HZ, 2G10 Minute / Cycle, A Ttal Of 60 Minutes
            Certification UL1950,CE&CCC
            Pressure I/P-O/P:1.5KVACI/P-FG:1.5KVACO/P-FG:0.5KVAC
            Insulation Resistance I/P-O/P,I/P-FG,O/P-FG:100M Ohms/500VDC70%RH
            Electromagnetic Interference FCC Part 15.J Conducvction.ClassA
            MTBF 271.9K hrs.min. MIL-HDBK-217F(25℃)
            Size 200*110*50(L*W*H)
            Packaging 0.83KG 12 Per Box

            powerProduct Reliability

            [Frequency Range]:47~63HZ
            [AC Current]:5A / 115VAC 3A / 230VAC
            [Operational Temperature]:-10℃~+50℃
            [Operational Humidity]:20~90% RH ,No Condensation
            [Storage Temperature]:-20℃~+85℃
            [Storage Humidity]:10~90% RH
            [Temperature Coefficient]:±0.03%℃(0~+50℃)         
            [Protection]:Over/Under Load, Over Voltage, Short Circuit       
            [Product Features]:●82% Of Ultra-High Efficiency, Low Heat
                            ● Work To Use High-Temperature 55 ℃
                            ●AAll New Products, The Quality Of A Painting
                            ● AC Input Range Can Be Switched Switch Choice
                            ● Long Life With Low Operating Temperature
                            ● 100% Full Load Burning Test
                            ●Small Size, Light Weight
            [Safety Certification]:3C,CE,UL

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